Repo Men review

Alright, so to kick start my movie reviews, I'll start with a movie that I have seen three times in theaters already. Repo Men is about Remy [Jude Law] who works as a repo for a company called The Union. What The Union sells is artificial body parts. Remy's job is when people who get these artificial parts put into them and they don't pay for them after a certain amount of time, he comes into their homes, electrifies them, and takes their artificial part from them and leaves them to die. But an accident on the job leaves Remy with an artificial heart that he cannot pay for.

**** [Four Stars]
I personally loved this movie. It was a huge roller coaster ride following Remy and a woman that he befriends during the movie. This movie is nothing like anything I have ever seen before. Although this movie left me with serious tears in my eyes at the twist ending, it was full of action and adventure. This movie also had a huge amount of gore and a series of cringe-worthy scenes involving a womans' kneecap. I would recommend this movie to people who love gore flicks and have strong stomachs. I also want to warn you that you will most likely cry at the ending. Every time that I went to see this movie, everyone in the theater, including the guys, where bawling their eyes out. Just be warned, since I wasn't.

New Beginnings

This is my new and improved knitting blog. I used to have a blog called Starflip Knits but since my recent move to the United Stated, I felt that I needed a new blog name. I hope you enjoy all of the projects and updates that post here. I will try to update as much as I can. Don't worry about the messiness of the site right now, I will clean it up a bit. Thank you for everyone's support and to everyone that I have met here in Illinois. I still have not met many knitters here so feel free to message me and such. More later! :D